Agency CEO


Agency Accreditation Manager (if any)


Financial Officer


Governmental CEO

Explain the reason(s) the agency seeks to become accredited by CALEA. Explain the agency’s and governing board’s commitment to working with the Commission toward accreditation.
Service Population: Please provide a description of the agency’s jurisdiction, including the size of the service population, if applicable. Describe any temporal or seasonal fluctuations in service population.
Agency Personnel: Provide numerical data for categories given. Only include the number of authorized full-time sworn and non-sworn positions (i.e. those included in your agency budget) assigned to the law enforcement function. Exclude part-time positions, volunteers, or employees assigned to corrections, fire services, or other non-law enforcement related functions.

  • Supervisory: Direct authority over line or non-supervisory positions
  • Command/Managerial: Direct authority over supervisors
  • Executive(s): CEO and direct reports, except as noted in Command

Sworn Personel

Non-sworn Personel

Budget Information

Agency Expenditures: Please provide budgetary data for the agency, including the following:
  • Personnel: Expenditures for all agency personnel, including wages and fringe benefits.
  • Operations: Expenditures for vehicle operation/maintenance, facility operation/maintenance, training, etc. (do not include personnel costs).
  • Capital: Expenditures for facility construction or the purchase major equipment (computers, vehicles, etc.).

Corporate Expenditures

Corporate Expenditures: Please provide budgetary data for the agency’s governing body (state/province, county, township, city, etc.), including the following:
  • Operations: Expenditures for vehicle operation/maintenance, facility operation/maintenance, training, etc. (minus personnel costs) for all organizational components.
  • Capital: Expenditures for building facilities or the purchase major equipment (computers, vehicles, etc.) for all organizational components.
Please provide information regarding Federal grants received and the balances of these funds as of the last fiscal year
List any asset forfeiture funds received during the past 12 months and provide the current balance of unencumbered asset forfeiture funds
Explain the agency and governing body’s budgetary information. Describe the agency’s need for financial assistance, including why funds are not available for accreditation and what funds will be available to meet any costs incurred in order for the agency to comply with accreditation standards.
Describe the agency’s plan to complete the initial accreditation process within the initial time period allotted (2 or 3 years depending on program). Identify internal and external resource that will be utilized. Name the agency’s contact person and/or accreditation manager.
Describe the agency’s experience in conducing major projects of a similar nature.
Document both the agency’s and the governing body’s long-term commitment to continuing in the accreditation process after achieving initial accreditation.
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