At a recent meeting of the Standards Review and Interpretation Committee (SRIC) the committee directed staff to post for client comments the following proposed new standard.  Please post your comments prior to Friday July 17th, 2020.


If the agency allows the use of lateral neck restraints, choke holds or similar weaponless control techniques, a written directive defines the action as a use of deadly force and includes proficiency measures on the techniques and annual training requirements.

Commentary:  Unless they are applied properly, lateral neck restraints, choke holds and other similar compliance techniques that rely on cutting off the flow of oxygen to the brain have the potential to cause serious injury or death. Therefore, any agency that authorizes the use of such techniques should ensure that its personnel are properly trained in the use of these techniques so that the possibility of injury is minimized. Training should also include instruction on giving immediate medical aid to an individual in the event of injury or distress.  In addition to the initial training, the agency should also provide annual refresher training to ensure that the skills required for proper application are maintained.  (MMMM) (LE1)

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