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CALEA Update Magazine | Issue 91

CALEA TRI-ARC Excellence Award Presented

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During the March 25, 2006 Celebration Banquet at the Spring CALEA Conference held in Jacksonville, Florida, the CALEA TRI-ARC Excellence Award was presented. The award was created to recognize entities that, concurrently, hold all three CALEA Accreditation Awards: Law Enforcement, Public Safety Communications, and Public Safety Training Academy.

The recipients of the second CALEA TRI-ARC Excellence Award were the Honolulu Police Department; the Honolulu Police Department Communications Division; the Honolulu Police Department - Training; and the City of Honolulu, Hawaii, for its leadership in public safety.

On hand were Chief Boisse P. Correa; Major Alan Fujimoto, Accreditation Manager, who accepted the award for the Honolulu Police Department; Major William Chur, accepting the award for the Honolulu Police Department Communications Division; Officer Patricia Wilson accepting the award on behalf of the Honolulu Police Department - Training; Lieutenant Clyde Ho accepted for the City of Honolulu; and Office Ramona Loo. The Honorable Mufi Hannemann, Mayor of Honolulu, was unable to attend the award ceremony. 

The award name was selected to reflect the three accreditation programs (“TRI”) and symbolize the synergistic power and light created as the result of an unusual achievement (“ARC”). 

The award is a cherry wood obelisk with one of the three full-color accreditation program seals imbedded on a side, while the fourth side identifies the entity receiving the award.  Each of the accredited components receives an obelisk award, as does the parent organization. The award was first presented at the 25th Anniversary CALEA Conference in Austin, Texas, in December 2004 to the Knoxville Police Department, the Knoxville Police Training Academy, the Knox County Emergency Communications District, and the City of Knoxville, Tennessee.


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