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CALEA Update Magazine | Issue 108

Message from the Chair

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Message from the Chair 

Louis M. Dekmar, Commission Chair 

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the CALEA ECommuniqué, our new monthly electronic newsletter! This free electronic publication replaces the printed CALEA Update magazine and the previous CALEA E-News newsletter by incorporating the best aspects of each into one communication tool.

Communiqué will focus on bringing the latest organizational, program, and client news, along with featured articles, to subscribers’ desktops. The beauty of this more cost efficient approach is it allows CALEA to further utilize our dynamic, user-friendly website as a “home base” for the content. It also helps us reach the broader public safety community as well as our clients and prospective clients in a timely manner. Everyone can sign up to receive this newsletter, so agencies may want to publicize this to its employees as a means of educating its staff on CALEA accreditation. It could also be a means of keeping them involved in the process, which could go a long way toward helping reach the goal of “institutionalizing CALEA in the culture” that agencies seek.

The CALEA ECommuniqué demonstrates the Commission’s commitment to working smarter and striving to advance communication with those in need of CALEA information.

In other news, I recently have had very positive feedback from some of CALEA’s clients that have taken the step toward instituting an electronic accreditation system by purchasing the PowerDMS™STANDARDS software. This is the newly available software option from IDS® that is part of its PowerDMSTM suite for CALEA clients. From the beginning discussions in the development of the product, the Commission and CALEA staff was soundly impressed with the capabilities of this new accreditation tool and was convinced of the real advantages it brings to those enrolled in all the CALEA programs.

The long-term cost savings, in accreditation manager time and money, should be appreciated my many users. Those accreditation managers that are making this switch from “paper to electronic” are looking forward to greatly reduced on-site assessment “mail off” costs and not having the responsibility of maintaining paper accreditation files. This is clearly the smart choice for new agencies just enrolling also. Once a few on-site assessments have taken place using the PowerDMSTM approach, we will report on the experience from the agency and assessors perspective.

CALEA continues to sell the CACE suite of software, and will support it with updates to those with an active CACE Service Contract, as an accreditation management tool option.




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