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CALEA Update Magazine | Issue 100

Message from the Chair

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I am extremely proud to announce that the revision of the CALEA Training Academy Standards Manual was approved by the Commission at the Spring CALEA Conference in Raleigh. The Standards for Public Safety Training Academies, 2nd Edition will be effective July 1, 2009. The CALEA Staff plans a June 2009 publication and all agencies enrolled in the Public Safety Training Academy Accreditation Program will be sent two complimentary copies of the new edition when available. The transition date to the 2nd Edition is one year from the effective date, or July 1, 2010. An update of the CALEA Accreditation Compliance Express – Training (CACE-T) software program will also be available, as will a 1st to 2nd Edition Crosswalk guide. 

The Training Academy Standards Review Committee, which I had the pleasure of chairing, began work on the revision in April 2008 with the first of four work sessions held at the Fairfax, Virginia, CALEA office. Over the next 10 months it conducted a comprehensive review and extensive revision of the training academy standards. The members of the Review Committee spent countless hours volunteering their time and freely contributing their knowledge and experience to create what we believe is a greatly improved collection of 160 professional standards suitable for all public safety training academies. 

A special acknowledgment is extended to the following dedicated individuals who participated in this important process and served on the Training Academy Standards Review Committee: Commission Chair and Review Committee Chair, Chief Louis M. Dekmar, LaGrange (GA) Police Department; CALEA Commissioner, Professor Gary Cordner, Kutztown University (PA) Department of Criminal Justice; Ms. Peggy M. Schaefer, Director, North Carolina Justice Academy; Captain Craig C. Smith, Director, Polk Community College (FL), Institute of Public Safety; Ms. Mary Martin, Senior Training & Academic Support Officer, Wackenhut Services, Inc. - Savannah River Site (SC); Lieutenant Virgil R. Hubbard, Accreditation Manager, Knoxville (TN) Police Department; Ms. Deborah M. Furka, formerly with the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy; Sergeant Kevin Riker, New York City Police Department Training Bureau (NY); Mr. Albert C. Oglesby, Jr., Training Accreditation Manager, Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy; Mr. David R. Hobson, Retired, Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training; and IADLEST Representative, Mr. Steven M. Otto, Business Development Manager, Law Enforcement Services for Multi-Health Systems, Inc. (TX). 

In addition, the following CALEA Staff provided much needed guidance and administrative assistance to this project: Sylvester Daughtry, Jr., Executive Director; Jim Brown, Associate Director; Christie Goddard, Program Manager; and Janice Dixon, Program Specialist. A sincere thanks is given to all those who contributed so freely of their time and efforts on this project.

Louis Dekmar
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